Sun Chlorella Is My Favorite Supplement

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While at a health food store in Malibu, CA this week, I had the fortune opportunity to chat with Sun Chlorella’s rep, Nicola. When I saw here what I was touting, I just had to stop her and confess that of all the supplements I’ve ever taken, I’ve found the most spectacular results from Sun Chlorella. I was aware that it was grown in huge vats, but Nicola informed me further on how the company crushes the cell walls of their chlorella for digestibility.

Super high in chlorophyll, chlorella is the best overall detoxifier I’ve ever encountered. The amino acids in it, are a fantastic substitute for animal protein. In fact, chlorella is such a powerful and efficient nutrient, we’d probably be more helpful to starving peoples if we sent them chlorella instead of rice,

Because chlorella is an adaptogen, it’s powerful nutrients and detoxifying power go to the sites of the body where they are needed most. My experience is that after taking it for about 6 weeks, eyes and skin are sparkling, which is an excellent indicator that the body is thoroughly purified.

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