Cookbooks at the Silverlake Green Fair on Saturday, April 23

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This coming Saturday, April 23 is the first annual Silverlake Green Fair. I’ll be there with amazing brownie man Philip Horowitz of Phlip ‘n Nic’s. He’s peddling his amazing brownies and I’m there with my cookbooks and some cool terrariums and organic body oils. Come on down and meet the funky people. You know that Silverlake crowd is too cool!
4356 W. Sunset Blvd, LA 90029, right in front of Akbar.

Plant seeds now for a summer of fresh herbs.

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With the new moon just passing and it’s gravitational pull increasing until it’s full, it’s the best time to plant seeds. If you start seeds now and pinch the sprouts back, you’ll have a bushy crop by July.

This weekend I planted summer savory, dill, parsley and chamomile. (I started my basil and oregano on the new moon last month) If the danger of frost isn’t gone, plant the seeds in peat pots or in 3-4″, soil-filled sections of left over cardboard form from a roll of paper towel. Keep them in a baking dish for easy watering and place them outdoors until the lowest overnight temperatures is 40ยบ or higher.
Most herb plants like full sun, which could dry the seedlings out, so be sure to keep them well-watered until they develop their root systems.

Herb Seedlings in Peat Pots